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Happy July 1st!

Happy July 1st, 2021!

Cannabis now has a legal and regulated status in the state of Virginia.

We are all so excited, it is hard to really know what to say. There will be parties, fun, and festivities. Friends will come together, gardeners will share techniques, and a brave new wave of cultivation will come out of this new legislation. While it is important to celebrate and enjoy - it's equally important to take a moment to reflect and process our steps forward.

Cannabis has long been a source of legal trouble and turmoil for thousands of individuals attempting to grow their own or use their green thumbs as a source of income for themselves and their families. For decades, gardeners have faced harsh punishments for cultivation. Families have been torn apart, lives lost, and communities ripped apart through the long term War on Drugs that still rages across the country today.

As much as today is a day to celebrate, it is also a day to take note. To remember and acknowledge all those folks who have spent time behind bars for their gardens. A day of reflection, and gratitude for the democratic process and the legislative change. Virginia is moving forward, and the sky is the limit.

Happy July 1st everyone. Have tons of fun, learn lots, grow gardens, and spread the love.


The Happy Trees Staff

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