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Governor appoints members to 3 new regulatory boards.

New Government Cannabis Boards

On July 19th, 2021 Governor Northam appointed members to the newly formed Cannabis Regulatory boards that will help lead Virginia into a recreational market by 2024.

Five Virginians were chosen for the Cannabis Control Advisory Board. This Board will be in charge of regulating the legal Cannabis market in the state of Virginia. Specifically, the Board will work to develop the structure and process for Virginians to legally sell, purchase, transport, and distribute cannabis within the state.


Neil Amin

Michael Jerome Massie, Esq.

Bette Brand

Rasheeda N. Creighton

Shane Emmett

Members were also added to the Cannabis Equity Reimbursement Board. This Board will be made up of 20 members total. They will be responsible for budgeting the 30% tax revenue reserved for investing in programs for communities that were disproportionally impacted by Cannabis Prohibition and law enforcement.

The Governor appointed a number of members to the Cannabis Public Health Advisory Board. This Board will be made up of a variety of diverse individuals that will advise the CCA. Their main job will be to monitor public use of cannabis, and to asses safety standards for the general public.

We will have more updates as the Boards come together and begin their discussions on the new state regulations and the future of the medicinal and recreational cannabis markets.

Read more about the members and the new regulatory board on the Governor's official website.

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