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Weekly Product Review - ACTIVE AIR EQUIPMENT

Welcome to our Weekly Product Review ~ join our staff as we review the variety of equipment on the market for indoor gardening. This week, we'll take a look at the ACTIVE AIR indoor gardening equipment.

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ACTIVE AIR Equipment Review

Active Air is a brand that specializes in producing equipment to help you with any of your air circulation or filtration needs. We love their quality equipment and have had consistently positive results using their products.

Air circulation and filtration is essential to raising up the best possible plants when growing indoors. We recommend leaving the heavy lifting to Active Air. Use the Active Air Inline Fans and Carbon Filter to freshen up your grow tent and living space. Invest in a few clip fans or larger wall mount fans to keep the air in your garden moving and your plants healthy.

Why should I worry about air circulation and filtration?

When plants are living outdoors, they are exposed to the “elements”. They are blown by the breeze, pelted by rain, and more, which slowly makes the plant stronger and stronger. Plants are also exposed to “fresh air”, or air rich in CO2, the compound plants need to survive. If you are growing any plants using an indoor system, they will not have their traditional access to “fresh air” or the “blowing breeze” and will need these replicated to grow to its full potential. Fresh air and good air circulation also act as a form of preventive management to combat mold, mildew, and other harmful plant ills.

Is it really that important?

Most indoor gardeners experience mildew or mold at some point. All of them will tell you it was not worth the hassle. Never cut corners in gardening if you want healthy plants and good harvests.

It may also be important to consider the ethical implications of having stronger smelling varieties of plants growing in a small living space, apartment building, or other sensitive area. Set up a carbon filter to keep your environment and your neighbors smelling and feeling fresh.

Where can I get Active Air equipment?

We stock all your equipment needs at our retail location, including Active Air circulation and filtration products. Come with any questions you may have and let our friendly staff talk to you about the benefits of an awesome air circulation and filtration system for your indoor garden.

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