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What light should I use for my indoor garden?

A series focusing on the best equipment for each level of expertise. This installment will focus on the best lighting systems for beginners, intermediate, and expert indoor growers.

One of the most important things plants need to live is light. Any indoor garden without direct access to the sun will need another source of light in order to grow.

But, what light should you use for your garden?

Here is a quick list of suggestions for growers of all different levels.

Grow Lights for Beginners

For the grower that just got started, try a HLG 100 RSPEC LED light. These lights get the job done with minimal fuss. Unpack your light, hang it up, and plug it in.

They require zero maintenance, and can be used for 10,000 hours. These HLG lights have a great safety rating and are lightweight and easy to install for gardeners of all ages and sizes.

Never fret about finding a replacement bulb, the LEDs in this light mean that once it is plugged in your garden is set. Made with Samsung lights, and manufactured by an American family owned company, the HLG 100 RSPEC is our go-to for beginners.

If you are skeptical about LEDs and prefer an old skool setup, try out the Phantom CMH 315W lamp by Hydrofarm.

These classic lamps with their ceramic bulbs light up a space well and are sure to get the job done. Tried and true, the Phantoms CMH have been used by growers for years and work well for indoor setups.

Due to the size and weight of the lights, it is always good to have a buddy help you install them. Also, make sure you have a spare bulb (Philips MasterColor 3100K GreenPower Elite Agro CMH 315W Lamp) on hand for when your starter bulb burns out.

Grow Lights for the Enthusiast

Looking to take your grow set up to the next level? The next best step in upgrading your lighting system has to do with environmental controls. Start browsing the market for lights that allow for more controls, such as dimming, time, or temperature options.

If you are expanding your setup, think about replacing your older lights with newer LEDs that come with more controllable options.

For example, upgrading you 100 RSPECs to a HLG 600 RSPEC light means you can cover a larger flowering footprint and have a fancy new dimmable light. The HLG 600 RSPEC is dimmable from 60W-600W! Perfect your light output to make your plants the happiest they have ever been.

Grow Lights for Expert Growers

For growing indoors on an expert level, consider investing in a multi-bar LED system. These lights allow for customization to perfect the amount of light needed in any given space.

Calculate the necessary wattage for your grow and add as many bars as needed.

The multi-bar systems are also great for any vertical tiered gardening you may be interested in as well.

We highly recommend the Phantom PHOTOBIO LEDs manufactured by Hydrofarm. They stock a number of different bar systems that can be customized to meet your needs. All of their lights are equipped with cooling systems for heavy duty use, and are designed to help you maximize your yields.


As always, you can pick up any of the mentioned lighting systems at our retail location in Richmond. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment and our experts will get back to you.

Happy Gardening!


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