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Happy Trees Farmer's Market

June 26th, 2022 - GRAND OPENING!

1809 Roane Street Richmond Va 23222

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Event description

Join us every Sunday from 9am-12pm for the year-round Happy Trees Farmer's Market!
We'll be hosting a plethora of local vendors from fresh veggies to arts & crafts at the HTAS warehouse.

Happy Trees is here to foster personal connections and bonds of mutual benefits between farmers, shoppers, and communities the best way we know how!

HTAS Warehouse is located at:
1809 Roane Street, Richmond Va 23222

If you're interested in becoming a vendor please reach out to Micah our Farmer's Market Manager and email her at

for more info:




FREE Entry!

About Happy Trees

The Happy Trees Agricultural Supply story is built on helping the greater Richmond Virginia region community grow the best plants possible without breaking the bank.

Best friends Chris and Josiah started HTAS wanting to  make growing your own Fruits, Vegetables & Medicine easier and more accessible for all!

Visit a Happy Trees store location in Richmond or Fredericksburg, VA and be sure to check out the HT Community Outreach Center in Petersburg!

Happy trees Warehouse

1809 Roane Street, Richmond Va 23222

RSVP at the link below!

"Where you Go to Grow"

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